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Many people have, for one reason or another, decided to have their earlobes gauged. It might have been a fashion statement or just some sort of personal statement at the time but whatever the reason, it is still being done today and unlikely to disappear soon.

Some are quite satisfied wearing relatively small gauges whereas others are of the opinion “the bigger the better” (photos A and B). When it does come to that time when the gauges are no longer wanted for whatever reason, there remains a deformity and hole which can be quite impressive.

A) gauged earlobe – small

B) gauged earlobe – large

Fortunately, no matter how big or small the deformity is, the earlobe can be reconstructed and usually to a final result that can look quite normal. Of course, it does take a lot of skill and creativity in order to obtain these outcomes and not every surgeon is up to the challenge.

A great illustration of what can be accomplished is this 22 year old patient of mine who had worn gauges in his ears that were over 2 cm. in diameter (very large) for many years and then decided to permanently remove them for personal reasons. He was left with earlobes that were quite stretched out, deformed and “unsightly” (photo C and E).

C) gauged left earlobe

D) left earlobe after repair

E) gauged right earlobe

F) right earlobe after repair

Surgery was done under local anesthesia with no discomfort or down time. Healing occurred without any untoward issues. Even at only 5 weeks, the results were quite gratifying for him (photos D and F).

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