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Size does matter…

When it involves the earlobe.

And, yes, some other things as well! However, we will keep this topic focused just on the earlobe.

For its relatively small size, you wouldn’t think that the earlobe is the object of a variety of common cosmetic procedures – but surprisingly, it is. The most frequent examples include the repair of torn (cleft) earlobes caused by earrings, closure of the holes caused by gauges and the removal of keloids and reconstitution of the earlobe anatomy.

Added to this list is an increasingly common request – earlobe reduction. And you don’t need to have “DDD” earlobes or larger in order to want them made smaller.

Some people generally have larger than “normal” sized earlobes or at least they feel that way. Others develop it over time either as a consequence of chronically wearing heavy earrings or just as part of the process of aging.


Fortunately, treatment is rather short, simple, straightforward and generally associated with minimal postoperative discomfort. Using local anesthesia, a curvilinear incision is employed to remove a precisely measured amount of earlobe tissue from the affected ear(s). Piercing or re-piercing can be performed at the same time. Sutures are removed at around a week to ten days.

Changes in the size and contour of the earlobe should be evident immediately but it can take several months to be able to see the more long term outcome. For some individuals, a small change can make a big difference.

If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation for earlobe surgery, whether it is for a reduction, to treat gauged earlobes or close clefts (tears) caused by earrings, please contact us either by email or by phone at (480) 451-3000.

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