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In life, often it can be the little things that make a big difference. You don’t always need to do something in a big or flashy way in order to get noticed or effect a noticeable change.

This can also be applied to breast revision surgery.

Yes, replacing your tired or deflated saline breast implants with new, massively large and perky silicone ones may turn many heads but this may not be your intention. Maybe you just want a small difference that will provide you with some improvement but nothing fancy or outlandish.

Simply, doing some creative, prudent and skilled tweaking may just accomplish that intended goal.

The following patient is just such an example. She originally had saline implants placed in a submuscular pocket 12 years previously (done elsewhere) but due to a not very recent deflation of the left implant, decided to upgrade to silicone and go slightly larger. Her claimed bra size was a 34B but in reality, she was a 34C. A “C” cup size was her goal (photos A, C and E).

A. Before implant exchange

B. After implant exchange

C. Before

D. After

E. Before

F. After

At surgery, she was found to have smooth surfaced moderate profile saline implants with a base size of 250cc filled to around 300cc on the right (the left was deflated). Pocket modifications were performed and then 340cc ultra-high profile smooth surfaced silicone breast implants were placed. Results are seen at 4 months (photos B, D and F)

Though the new implants are only 40cc larger than the ones they replaced (which is less than 3 tablespoons), the new implant configuration, silicone fill material and surgical pocket modifications led to breasts that look more natural, symmetrical, youthful and attractive – and at the “C” cup size that she was seeking.

If you are interested in pursuing breast revision surgery, such as an implant exchange or even a breast enlargement, you can contact our office to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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