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Among the widespread, profound effects that the coronavirus pandemic has had on the world, both positive and negative, has been its effects on people’s preferences and demand for plastic surgery. Most of it is either quite intuitive or just makes perfect sense when you think about it.

For example, with millions of people working from home and also limiting most in person social contacts, it is the ideal time for them to pursue the plastic surgery procedures that they have been wanting for a long time.

Breast augmentation. Tummy tuck. Liposuction. Eyelid surgery. And more…

There may be little to no work missed as long as one is not amped up on pain medications and can appear or sound fairly lucid and intelligent.

Of course, if you have no job as a consequence of the pandemic, you won’t have to worry about missing work. Then again, you may not have the financial wherewithal to be able to have your cosmetic surgery.

The almost ubiquitous wearing of masks now along with the exponential increase in Zoom and other videoconferencing formats as the means of conducting business and interacting with others has impacted the preferences of those seeking plastic surgery. Typically, with online interactions, your face is largely what is being seen by others so “deficiencies” such as a lax, protuberant abdomen, small breasts or even undesirable fat pockets are not very apparent. Furthermore, because wearing a mask covers up the lower face, those creases around the mouth or small lips are no longer high up on the list of physical concerns.

Instead, what has been happening is that the priorities are now being directed to what is most commonly exposed and, therefore, what others can see: the eyes and forehead.

And on them there may just be Crow’s feet, forehead creases and frown lines.

Signs of aging or stress.


Getting rid of these creases and lines or just making them a whole lot less conspicuous may just make you look better…and younger!

And the best way to address these lines and creases is with Botox®.

Not surprisingly, the demand for Botox® treatments now during this pandemic have markedly increased.

Botox® is effective, predictable, easy, quick, doesn’t require surgery and there is no associated down time.

Making this even more alluring is the fact that the cost of these injections is generally magnitudes less than what you would pay for a cosmetic procedure.

During these financially stressful times, this cost factor can be extremely important for many.

So you can save quite a lot and still make yourself look and feel better.

That is definitely a winning combination in these difficult times.

If you do elect to have your Botox® here at the Arizona Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, you will be happy to know that after all these years, Dr. Turkeltaub is still doing all the treatments for his patients like he has always done – since day one.

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