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A very common question that many women have following breast reduction surgery is “When can I wear an underwire bra?” Some believe that they can never wear one again whereas others might have heard, were told or read recommendations for various periods of time and are confused about the correct answer.

So what is the real answer?

Believe it or not there is no right or wrong answer. There are no definitive, evidenced based studies in the medical literature which reveal that any specific period of time is better than any other or even if an underwire should be worn at all. As a result, each plastic surgeon may have his/her own protocol involving different amounts of time that seems to work for their patients.

What do I recommend for my patients?

A few days after breast reduction surgery, my patients are placed in a sports type bra for a few weeks. Thereafter, they are instructed to wear a comfortable but supportive bra on a regular basis to help maintain the shape of their breasts for a longer period of time especially against the undesirable and relentless forces of gravity. This can include an underwire bra but doesn’t have to necessarily be one.

Due to normal postoperative healing, the incision along the crease will be inflamed and even tender for a few months and it will be during this period of time that an underwire bra may not be very comfortable to wear. Generally, most patients wait at least 2 – 3 months before being able to wear an underwire bra without any discomfort. This time does vary between patients.

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