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Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty) ranks right at the very top of the list of plastic surgery procedures when it comes to happiness and satisfaction with the outcome and the positive long term benefits. The numerous untoward issues associated with very large breasts such as neck, back and shoulder pains, fatigue, grooving of the shoulders from the bra straps digging in, breast pains, chest heaviness, labored breathing, self-consciousness, inability or negative effects on the ability to exercise and engage in sports, and problems finding clothes and even bras that fit or are complimentary surely have a major impact on one’s life.

Just reading this partial list of issues associated with large breasts can make one feel exhausted!

The alleviation or near total resolution of the symptoms experienced by women undergoing breast reduction surgery (when performed by competent plastic surgeons) truly has a life changing effect on women. Many have shared with me that their decision to have a breast reduction “was the best decision that they ever made”. Others freely stated that their breast reductions “totally changed their lives” (in a positive way, of course) or that they “felt like a new person”.

I have also had several patients over the years who stated that they felt better, IMMEDIATELY, in the recovery room and with less pain than they did prior to surgery.

The following 50 year old woman, a patient of mine, is a typical example of what one may expect from breast reduction surgery. She had the usual constellation of symptoms and issues associated with her large 40DDD breasts including the neck, back and shoulder pains (photos A and C). Aiming to become around a “C” cup size, she underwent the surgery with 670 grams removed from the left breast and 620 grams on the right (photos B and D).

A. Before breast reduction surgery

B. After breast reduction surgery

C. Before – side view

D. After – side view

At the first postoperative visit, she stated that the symptoms related to her large breasts actually had already resolved and that she was feeling a whole lot better. The dramatic, immediate improvement even surprised her. Ultimately, she went down to the “C” cup size that she was seeking.

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