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Many of my breast reduction consultations ask me the following question before I even discuss the procedure: “Dr. Turkeltaub, will my breasts also be lifted when I have a breast reduction?”  After making what I think is a humorous comment about that it would depend on their insurance plan, I let them know that this is an intrinsic part of the procedure.

A breast reduction, also called a reduction mammoplasty, involves a significant reduction in the size of the breast, lifting the tissue up to a more appropriate level, making the breast less wide, reducing the diameter of the nipple-areola complex and elevating it to an ideal vertical height. Most of the time this is accomplished through an anchor shaped/ inverted “T” shaped incision. The result is a smaller, lighter, higher, perkier and more rejuvenated appearance.

Just what the Doctor ordered and what my patients want!

DM Reduction AP pre

Before Breast Reduction

DM Reduction AP post

After Breast Reduction

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