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A breast lift, also known officially as a mastopexy, is the procedure that re-suspends, contours, tightens and rejuvenates the appearance of the droopy breast. Performed by itself without the addition of breast implants, the results are breasts that actually appear smaller than a person might have expected. So the question becomes when should a woman consider having breast implants inserted at the same time as the mastopexy?

Most of the time, the answer to this is fairly obvious. If you find that your droopy breasts are smaller than you ultimately want them to be, then undergoing a breast augmentation at the same time would provide you with the means to be larger. On the other, if you feel that your saggy breasts are already bigger than you ultimately want to be, then there is no need for breast implants and instead, a removal of breast tissue would be in order. (Note: When your breasts are extremely large in addition to being droopy, the appropriate procedure to correct this is a breast reduction – of which a lift is an inherent component.)

It is the middle ground, where you breasts appear to be somewhat in the size range that you would like them to be, that the need for breast implants is unclear. Because: a.) a mastopexy involves making the breast tighter, denser and smaller as well as the removal of a variable amount of tissue  b.) most women would like more fullness at the upper pole (top part) of their breasts and c.) most women would rather be a little larger than smaller … I find that inserting even a relative small breast implant works wonders for the ultimate result.

It has been my experience in over twenty two years of plastic surgery practice that a vast majority of my patients undergoing a mastopexy also have a breast augmentation concurrently. The results are larger breasts with a fuller and more youthful shape and firmness as well as improved cleavage.

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