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An overwhelming majority of women who have had a breast augmentation are very happy with their outcomes, physically and mentally. The overall impact on their appearance on many levels surely can’t be overstated. Just ask someone who has had it done – they will usually rave about it.

An interesting question that is rarely discussed is whether the positive physical results from the breast enlargement will be at least somewhat maintained over time. This can include weight fluctuations and even major net weight increases. The answer to this is unequivocally – Yes! However, pregnancies and breast feeding will have a more significant impact on the appearance specifically related to its effects on the elasticity of the skin and volume and density of the breast tissue which often can translate into drooping.

I have had long term follow ups on many women who had me perform their breast augmentation procedure ten to twenty or more years ago and virtually all have maintained their aesthetically pleasing improvements. This is despite the fact that many of them had gained 10 or more pounds and is also independent of their breast implant type, saline or silicone. One important caveat is that nearly all of my patients had their breast implants placed in a submuscular pocket, the location which I strongly believe provides better long term support. There would have been a much greater deterioration of the results if the breast implants had been situated in a submammary pocket (above the muscle).

Before breast augmentation - front view

Before breast augmentation - side view

4 months after breast augmentation - front view

4 months after breast augmentation - side view

8 years after breast augmentation and 40 pound weight gain - front view

8 years after breast augmentation and 40 pound weight gain - side view

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