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A question that is often on the mind of women who are contemplating undergoing a breast augmentation in Scottsdale and are also planning on having children in the future is “will my getting breast implants have an effect on my ability to breast feed?” This actually is a very good question that has a positive answer which I will share with you in one word:


Let me explain this to you in a little more detail.

When breast implants are inserted for a breast enlargement using either the inframammary (lower breast crease) or transaxillary (armpit) approach, there is no need to disrupt any of the breast tissue whether or not they are placed in front of (submammary) or behind the muscle (submuscular). When a periareolar (around the areola) incision is employed, there is actually a disruption of some of the ducts in the process of creating a pocket for the implants whether or not they are placed above or below the muscle. Even with this approach (where dissection traverses some breast tissue), most of the ducts and their connection to the areola and nipple still remain intact.

Over the years, many of my breast augmentation patients have had children some time after their surgery and I am unaware of anyone who was unable to breast feed. Of course, there are women who do not have breast implants and who are unable to breast feed.

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