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Want to look particularly voluptuous for that new date?

You know that you are going to run into your ex- at a party. How about some payback by making him feel just a little bit jealous?

Do you want to look especially sexy in your wedding gown?

For all these reasons and likely many more, you may want to consider the 24 hour breast enlargement.

A temporary boob job without undergoing surgery.

You may be thinking: Is this a real thing or is it just click bait?

After all, it does sounds a bit crazy…

But it actually is real.

And chosen by select women.

Boobs one day and gone the next!

What is the 24 Hour Boob Job?

The 24 hour boob job is a temporary breast enlargement accomplished by the injection of sterile saline into the breasts. “Popularized” by New York plastic surgeon Norman Rowe, MD around ten years ago, it offered his indecisive patients a way to test drive a breast augmentation without actually having the surgery. A majority of his patients who went this route ultimately elected to undergo the actual breast augmentation procedure.

He markets this temporary breast enlargement as the “Instabreast”.

How is it done?

The procedure is done by injecting sterile saline directly into the breasts. Up to several hundred milliliters of the saline are infused until the desired size is obtained – within reason. According to him, this procedure takes around 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Why would someone do it?

There are two reasons that a woman would opt for this temporary enlargement. The first would be that she is unsure if a breast augmentation is right for her and does not want to undergo the real procedure and then immediately realize that it was a mistake to do.

The second reason that a woman would pursue this procedure is if she just wants to temporarily have more breast fullness and cleavage but is not interested in undergoing a breast augmentation – at least at that time. For example, maybe she wants to look even more spectacular in her wedding dress or appear more alluring for an especially important event.

Is it costly?

Having your breasts temporarily enlarged with saline injections is not cheap. It is, however, far less than the cost of a more permanent breast augmentation.

In New York City, where things are more expensive than almost anywhere else in the country, Dr. Rowe lists the price of this procedure as $2500.

Not cheap, especially when you consider the results will only last for around 24 hours.

The price may be significantly cheaper elsewhere though you may be hard pressed to find plastic surgeons offering this procedure.

What are some of the risks of this procedure?

The sterile saline used for the injections is benign – salt water – the type that is also safely and commonly used in numerous medical related situations. For this usage, your body will absorb the injected saline, starting almost immediately, and then excrete it through your kidneys within 24 – 48 hours.

However, there clearly are risks associated with injecting large quantities of saline into the breast that should be considered. Though most are temporary, there are some issues that can have more lasting consequences.

Some of the risks include infection, bruising, bleeding, abnormal fullness, asymmetries, contour irregularities and even permanent skin textural and elasticity changes. In some cases involving bleeding, surgical intervention may be necessary which means a scar, surgery, significant extra costs and possible permanent contour changes as a consequence. Even small hematomas (collection of blood) can result in permanent contour issues as well as abnormal firmness.

Would you recommended this 24 hour breast augmentation?

I want to preface the answer to this question with the following disclosure:

“I will not be offering this temporary 24 hour breast enhancement procedure and am not recommending it.”

That being said, this procedure may have a place in very select situations for a very small subset of women who are willing to take the risks. It clearly is not for everyone – for many reasons – including the substantial cost.

In competent hands this may be a relatively safe procedure when done just once though you must be absolutely aware of the associated risks before opting to undergo it.

Scheduling your consult for a real breast augmentation

If you are interested in pursuing a real breast augmentation and not the 24 hour one, please feel free to contact our office at the Arizona Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at (480) 451-3000 or contact us by email.

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