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Here’s a real interesting and juicy question that many women who are considering breast augmentation or breast lift surgery might like to know the answer to: Can a breast augmentation or a breast lift improve my sex life?

The extremely positive impact that these plastic surgery procedures have on one’s appearance and self-esteem are very well known but can they also lead to better and more frequent sex?

In short: YES!!

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!!

Several questions related to one’s sex life both before and after breast enhancement surgery were asked in a voluntary poll of women visiting the website RealSelf.com. The result revealed that 61% of women had sex more frequently after their cosmetic breast procedures as compared to 7% who engaged in sex with others less often. A substantial majority, 70%, stated that they had an improvement in the satisfaction of their sex life with 28% quantifying this as an increase of 4 or more points based on a one to ten scale. Overall, the change was from 6.11 before a breast augmentation and/or mastopexy to 8.13 after surgery, on a scale of one to ten.

Pretty darn high!

A comparable poll was attempted in order to obtain the male point of view on the effects of breast augmentation and breast lift on one’s sex life but when the words sex, breasts and breast implants were used in the same sentence, very few men were able to concentrate enough to finish the study….

But we all know what the answers would be without having to conduct a study!!

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