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A not infrequent reason that women see me in consultation for breast revision surgery is that they have had their implants in for many years and are considering some “updating”. In the intervening time, often involving the child raising years, many have had significant changes in the appearance of their bodies including a noticeable increase in weight and girth and may have also developed drooping of their breasts. Some state that their breasts have felt hard for a few years and have developed an irregular shape.

The following patient of mine is a 54 year old woman who had her original breast augmentation performed 32 years ago which was followed by three pregnancies and three children (photos A, C and E). For the last several years she has noted firmness of both breasts and irregularities of shape. Her desire was to have larger, softer and more attractive appearing breasts but not very ostentatious.

A.) Before breast revision surgery (frontal view)

B.) After breast revision surgery (frontal view)

C.) Before surgery (oblique view)

D.) After surgery (oblique view)

E.) Before surgery (side view)

F.) After surgery (side view)

Her breast revision surgery consisted of removal of the old silicone breast implants which were still intact, resection of the calcified scar tissue that surrounded them (capsulectomy), recontouring of the pockets in which the implants were situated and placement of smooth surfaced, high-profile silicone breast implants which were substantially larger than the ones that they replaced. Their volume was selected based on her desired overall general cup size and was tempered to keep her outcome more age appropriate (photos B, D and F).

She experience little discomfort postoperatively and was up and around her house the day of surgery. The size, shape and proportionality were exactly what she had desired which made her quite happy, satisfied and proud.

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