Breast Augmentation Surgery Is Not A Frivolous Procedure

Breast Augmentation Surgery Is Not A Frivolous Procedure

For many years now, breast augmentation surgery has been one of the top two most common cosmetic procedures that women elect to undergo and the most common in my practice. The level of satisfaction associated with this surgery is around a phenomenal 94% and is only superseded by those undergoing a breast reduction. Why? Because its affects are so important both physically and emotionally. All you have to see are the unrestrained big smiles, excitement and raw enthusiasm that these women display right after surgery to understand the positive impact that breast enlargement surgery has.

A breast augmentation should definitely not be considered to be an unnecessary, frivolous procedure. Fortunately, this sentiment appears to be reflected in peoples’ attitudes now. Today it seems that far fewer family members, husbands, boyfriends, or friends voice their strong opposition to a woman pursuing a breast augmentation – and that is the way it should be. Just like any other plastic surgery procedure, the person considering it knows best how they feel and should base their decision with this in mind and not on the demands of others.

The following heart-felt testimonial of one of my patients perfectly attests to the important impact that a breast enlargement can have one a woman’s psyche and emotions including self-confidence and assuredness, attitude, happiness and self worth. These should never be underestimated.

Patient describing the importance and impact of her breast augmentation:

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