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The final appearance of tummy tuck scarring will be influenced by several different factors including the specific procedure performed (full or mini abdominoplasty), the quantity of skin excised, meticulousness of and the surgical technique employed for wound closure, nutritional status, the particular scar care products used, sun exposure and how strictly post-surgical instructions are followed. In addition to these more controllable elements, one’s genetic predisposition and natural healing process will also play a significant role.

The full tummy tuck incision typically extends across the pubis and continues outward above the groin. It can usually incorporate a cesarean scar for women who have previously delivered a child via C-section, and its location allows it to be hidden by many different underwear and bikini styles. In comparison, the incision for a mini tummy tuck is shorter in length, often enabling it to be concealed by an even wider assortment of undergarments and swimsuits.

Although the ultimate length, thickness and overall visibility of abdominoplasty scars will vary from patient to patient, most individuals say the results they achieved (combined with the positive impact tummy tuck surgery had on their self-confidence) far exceed any worries regarding the final appearance of scarring. To get an idea of what you may be able to expect, I encourage you to visit my practice’s tummy tuck photo gallery.

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