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Results from a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) in Scottsdale are superior for many reasons when a person is at or near her/his ideal body weight. Unfortunately, a substantial percentage of the patients seeking this surgery whom I see in consultation, are not exactly in the general vicinity of this weight. They may try, often seemingly perpetually, to lose some of their excess poundage but have either limited or no success.

Should an abdominoplasty still be performed?

Will there be a noticeable difference?

When contemplating a patient’s request for a tummy tuck when her/his weight substantially exceeds the ideal body weight, two of the crucial considerations are safety and whether or not a significant improvement can be realized with the surgery. For such a patient, I will have a detailed discussion about the possibilities of making additional but serious attempts to lose at least some of the excess weight. To be successful, one must both reduce caloric intake as well as greatly increase the level of physical activity including working out.

If a person is at a reasonably low surgical risk and I am sure that she/he will see a quite significant and positive improvement from an abdominoplasty, then I will recommend it to improve the appearance of their abdomen.

The following patient who underwent a tummy tuck exemplifies this. Though not anywhere her ideal weight, she was able to realize a marked improvement not only in the appearance of her abdomen but also in her general presentation and self-esteem. She was quite ecstatic and appreciative of the outcome.

Before tummy tuck - frontal view

After tummy tuck - frontal view

Before tummy tuck - side view

After tummy tuck - side view

Before tummy tuck - oblique view

After tummy tuck - oblique view


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