Any deep wound of the skin results in a scar. A scar is simply the result of the body’s normal healing response to an injury, whether it is traumatic (accident) or elective (surgery). Some wounds heal with fine imperceptible scars; others with thick, painful, unattractive ones.

Scar revision surgery is designed to improve the appearance, symptoms or problems created by a less than ideal scar. There are a variety of scar revision procedures that can be considered to help bring about this improvement. Most involve the excision of the offending site with a closure that can employ one or more of a variety of techniques. The procedure may yield a scar that is less perceptible but it cannot magically erase it without leaving a trace.

Postoperative care is also important in attempting to obtain the best possible scar. Topical agents such as silicone gel, silicone gel sheeting and Mederma® can be helpful in this regard. It is also important to protect the site from significant sun exposure for at least several months. Regular application of a high SPF broad spectrum sunscreen is recommended.

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