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A rhinoplasty, or cosmetic surgery of the nose, is a very demanding procedure that requires great surgical skill, exacting technique, a keen aesthetic sense and an understanding of the myriad variables and their effects on the ultimate results. Superseding this in importance of affecting the results of surgery are patient based issues such as nasal size, configuration, skin thickness, cartilage and bony structures and previous surgery or trauma. Translation: no matter how phenomenally talented the plastic surgeon is what you start with predetermines the maximal extent of change that is possible. Using a modified adage, if you have a lemon, you can at least make lemonade. You can’t turn it into gold.

Consider what it is that you don’t like about your nose but be realistic with regard to your expectations. It may be helpful to bring in close-up photos of yourself and point out what you do or do not like. Photos of others may help clarify your concerns and tastes but realize that each nose is unique and that someone else’s nose really can’t or shouldn’t be perfectly duplicated on your face.

If you would like additional information on a rhinoplasty, chin augmentation or any other cosmetic surgery procedure that I perform or to schedule a complimentary consultation, you can contact my office at 480-451-3000.

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