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Having enlarged male breasts, also known as gynecomastia, is very embarrassing to many men, making them feel very self-conscious. Furthermore, the enlargement doesn’t even have to be very sizable to be an issue. I have successfully treated many men whose gynecomastia was imperceptible to everyone else but it bothered them tremendously. Following surgery, they were appreciative, ecstatic and felt completely “cured”.

Gynecomastia occurs in all age groups – from the teen years to the 70’s and older. Though the majority of men who seek treatment range in the age group from the teens through the forties, there are many in their fifties and older who are interested in pursuing a solution.

A common question that I am asked from all age groups is: “Will my gynecomastia go away if I lose weight?”

Well, there is both a short and long answer to that question with the longer version being far more informative and interesting.

So, stick around.

The short answer is that gynecomastia will virtually never go away with weight loss alone. So, if you want your enlarged breasts treated (and you are not still in puberty) then surgery would be required.

Now for the longer answer and an explanation.

Gynecomastia can be the result of enlarged glandular tissue, an increase in fat or a combination of the two. Since glandular tissue does not disappear with weight loss, that leaves only the category of enlarged breasts caused solely by fat as the only possibility to be able to disappear with weight loss. Unfortunately, the reality is that this rarely occurs. It would take a weight loss that would get one’s BMI (body mass index – a ratio of weight and height) very low in order for this approach to possibly be effective.

However, on the positive side, weight loss can improve one’s gynecomastia if at least part of it is due to fat. With a significant reduction in weight, the fat cells will lose volume and that will translate into smaller breasts – at least to an extent. For some men, that may just be enough that they could live with what remains and feel less self-conscious.

Those men who are considerably overweight will definitely see very significant improvements with substantial weight loss. However, their gynecomastia will not be adequately addressed short of surgery. Importantly, though, their overall results will be better, often at a lesser risk and possibly lower cost.

Liposuction is very effective in addressing gynecomastia caused by excess fat or where it is a perceptible component. Using a tumescent technique, this can often be accomplished with only a mild amount of early postoperative discomfort. Those men who have markedly enlarged breasts with skin excess and loss of elasticity will usually require a more extensive breast reduction procedure that also addresses the extra skin.

Gynecomastia before surgery

After liposuction

Gynecomastia before surgery

After liposuction

If you are bothered by your gynecomastia and are seeking a solution, you can schedule your complimentary consultation with us at the Arizona Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. You can contact us either by phone at (480) 451-3000 or by email.


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