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Lipomas are benign fatty tumors that are extremely common and not medically concerning. They can be found over most areas of the body where there is some fat present. Particularly frequent areas of occurrence include the chest, abdomen, back, neck and extremities. Not rarely, they can also be seen in the forehead.

But the groin?

A large, projecting mass just above the penis.


Mass in groin just above penis


Is it really a lipoma?

Could it be a hernia?

What about a rogue testicle?

Perhaps it is one that got kicked so hard that it ended up far from home!

If this were the case, though, you would think that this gentleman would recall that not so blessed event. Or, you can just count to see if there are two where they should normally be since few men have three. If you identify two then you can rule out a wandering or launched testicle.

A hernia may feel somewhat squishy or even vary in size depending on the activities one is engaging in.

This one doesn’t have either of these characteristics.

The mass doesn’t fluctuate in size except to have slowly enlarged over a period of several years. It feels somewhat doughy, smooth and is not tender when mild pressure is applied.

(Surely can’t say that about a testicle!)

This sounds like a lipoma but it is definitely in an unusual location.

Let’s find out…

Surgery was done revealing a large, greater than 6 cm yellowish smooth mass that indeed was a lipoma.


Removed lipoma


The patient is quite happy now not only because this large mass is gone but that he can now go back to wearing tight skinny-legged jeans without being embarrassed by an abnormal bulge in the front of his pants.

If you suspect or know that you have a lipoma and want it removed, give us a call.


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