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Women with small breasts often vocalize their “jealousy” of their friends who have naturally large breasts.

>“You are so lucky!” and “I wish my breasts were like yours!” are commonly stated or, at least, thought.

However, things are not necessarily as they appear (though her breasts still look quite large!).

There is that very wise adage that we learned as kids and have heard countless times since:

 “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”

Why is this relevant?

Because naturally large breasts, as compared to large augmented breasts, aren’t necessarily the “gift” or most wonderful asset to have. They are associated with significant downsides (including accelerated drooping).

Women with very large breasts often experience neck, back and shoulder pain and to a lesser extent, rashes, skin irritation and foul odors. Physical activities can be painful, uncomfortable or even plain embarrassing which may even result in the need to reduce or even avoid them. This reduction in such activities can lead to undesirable weight gain and … even larger breasts!

It can be extremely difficult to find clothing that fits properly and looks somewhat attractive yet doesn’t accentuate further the substantial breast size.

And then there is the issue of their size garnering highly unwanted attention, stares and comments. There also is an association with anxiety, self-confidence and even eating disorders.

These are the reasons why women who undergo breast reduction surgery are the happiest of all plastic surgery patients.

Happier than even breast augmentation patients where there is around a 94% satisfaction rate.

The following 40 year old patient of mine experienced several of these issues and elected to undergo breast reduction surgery. Her initial 40DDD bra size became a 40C/D postoperatively with the removal of 4.5 pounds of breast (A – F). She experienced complete alleviation of her symptoms and was able to engage in all the activities that she wanted to and do so pain free. Additionally, she had a much easier time finding clothes that she liked, felt more confident and no longer was attracting unwanted attention due to her breast size.

A) Before breast reduction

A) Before breast reduction

B) After breast reduction

B) After breast reduction

C) Before surgery - side view

C) Before surgery – side view

D) After surgery - side view

D) After surgery – side view

E) Before surgery - oblique view

E) Before surgery – oblique view

F) After surgery - oblique view

F) After surgery – oblique view

It goes without saying that she was extremely happy with her outcome and her decision to undergo a breast reduction.

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