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Having disproportionately large breasts can adversely affects a woman’s quality of life in so many ways. There are the frequent symptoms that may include neck, back and shoulder pains, rashes, skin irritation, skin breakdown and even foul odors. Many experience a constant and unpleasant heaviness on their chest that can even make breathing labor intensive. In fact, some have such massively size breasts that they can’t even sleep in a bed – they have to use a recliner.

It is frequently quite challenging finding a bra that fits – never mind one that is also comfortable. The same goes for clothes, especially those that one likes or are complimentary for one’s body and shape.

And then there are the major issues and obstacles for those women who like to exercise and be physically active. Very large breasts can make this lifestyle difficult, unpleasant, embarrassing and close to impossible.

Fortunately, breast reduction surgery is usually extremely effective in helping make such an active lifestyle a pleasant reality.

Let’s look at how this is accomplished.

Reduction of Forces and Stresses on One’s Body

By substantially decreasing breast size with a breast reduction, there is less weight pulling on one’s neck, back and shoulders. Vigorous physical activities, which can magnify gravitational, centrifugal and other forces, will be far less impactful with smaller, higher and firmer breasts.

There will also be an improvement in your posture which is beneficial for several reasons.

In addition, sports and other supportive bras can now function more effectively with smaller breasts, further helping to assure greater comfort when you are very active.

And, you no longer have to wear two or three bras together just to try to tame your breasts!

Exercising is Less of a Spectator Sport

Having smaller breasts will generally attract less attention than what you might have experienced before surgery. This is just as true when exercising.

In addition, because your breasts are now substantially smaller, they are more likely to be better supported and restrained leading to less bouncing and overall movements while exercising or being physically active. This means that there should be fewer gawkers, providing you with greater confidence when you are very active.

Improved Performance with Little or No Breast Related Symptoms

Large breasts, by being heavy and voluminous, can interfere with your performance in sports and exercising. They add weight and cause discomfort which together can slow you down and even lead to more rapid onset of fatigue. They can also get in the way such as when playing sports like golf, tennis and softball. Smaller breasts improve all these issues and can lead to greater endurance.

Your large breasts can affect the fluidity and stability of your movements as well as your center of gravity. A significant reduction in their size will effectively address these problems.

Before breast reduction

After breast reduction

Before breast reduction

After breast reduction

Before breast reduction

After breast reduction

Want to Know More?

Do you have large breasts that are quite annoying to you in many ways – like causing pain, discomfort and embarrassment? If so, breast reduction surgery may be right for you. To find out more about this procedure and what it can do for you, please feel free schedule your personalized consultation by either calling the Arizona Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at (480) 451-3000 or contacting us by email.

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