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So you want to have a breast augmentation?

How exciting!

Being among the most popular plastic surgical procedures for decades and for many good reasons, you know how positive the results can be.
You’ve seen the results in public and in the media. Perhaps you have several friends who have had the procedure and have been quite happy with their outcomes.

Now you are ready to pursue YOUR breast augmentation. Likely, after imagining what your enlarged breasts may look like, you are thinking about breast implant size.

A majority of women do.

Your friend, who is built somewhat similar to you, may have a 400 cc sized breast implant and she looks phenomenal. That’s the size you want.

Or maybe it is 500 cc so that is around the implant size that you are interested in.

Those are nice thoughts. Unfortunately, things are just not that simple.

There are many factors to consider when undergoing a breast augmentation with implant size being just one of them.

Like many things in life, size does matter – but only up to a certain point.

Let’s look into some important things to consider as relates to breast implant size for your breast augmentation.

Desired Cup Size

What cup size do you want to be?

“C” cup? “D” cup? “DD” cup?

Your targeted cup size will definitely affect the implant size needed. Of course, your present breast size will be the primary influencing factor for this. If you want to be a “DD” cup, you will need a much larger implant to accomplish this if you are presently an “A” cup as opposed to a “C” cup.

As you likely already know, bra cup sizes are not uniform and consistent among brands so additional descriptive information is helpful in order to more precisely determine the true size that you are seeking. In addition, women’s perception of what constitutes different cup sizes varies so a woman seeking a “C” cup may actually be desiring a “D” cup.

Presentation and Proportionality

Somewhat related to cup size, this is another way to express one’s desires for breast enlargement target size. Do you want to look natural (like you never had a breast augmentation) and proportionate, noticeably larger than “natural” or disproportionately very large?

This is subjective since natural, large and proportionality are in the eyes and minds of the beholder.

Or flaunter!

Several photographic examples can help in determining the look that you want which will then assist in determining the potential implant sizes to consider in order to make your goal a reality.

One more thing to consider is that other people’s perception of your breast size and overall look may be and is often different from yours. Right or wrong, this could impact how you are viewed and perceived as a person by others. If that is not a concern of yours, fine.



There are several factors that determine cleavage – with breast volume and one’s anatomy being most important. If you are seeking attractive or alluring cleavage, “B” or “small C” cup sized breasts are just not going to accomplish this.

Given your particular anatomy, you may need to seek a “D” cup or larger breast size in order to obtain the desired look. This will influence the size as well as the profile (implant width to height ratio) of the implants that would be most appropriate for your needs.

Your Anatomy

Your anatomy will definitely influence the implant sizes that would best need your goals.

Are you short, average height or tall?

Is your chest very narrow, average or broad?

Are you very thin, of “normal” weight or overweight?

What size are your breasts now? “A”, “B”, “C” cup or more?

Someone who is smaller or narrow will generally obtain the desired augmented breast size with smaller implants compared to someone who is very broad or quite tall with small breasts.

Skin Quality and Thickness

The quality of the skin of your breasts as well as its thickness need to be taken into consideration when selecting an implant size.

You have gravity to thank for this.

Skin that is thin and of poor elasticity will stretch, thin out and droop to a greater extent and faster with implants that are larger as compared to ones that are smaller. So if you want better and more durable results, smaller breast implant sizes may be better here.


When selecting the implant size for your breast augmentation, think carefully about your lifestyle including activities. What do you like doing?

Jogging? Long distance running? Hiking? Sports like golf, tennis, volleyball or softball?

If activities like these are very important to you then you should consider moderation of implant size so that there will be little impact on such endeavors.

On the other hand, if you are heavily into social media, are an influencer or vlogger, then going even bigger may be in your best interests.


For more information on breast augmentation, check out that section on our website. To schedule your complimentary consultation with me, Dr. Turkeltaub, please contact us at the Arizona Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at (480) 451-3000 or by email.

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