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For many years, breast augmentation has consistently been one of the top two most popular plastic surgery procedures for women. Of course, this should be of little surprise to most people.

The reasons for this are myriad and are related to its physical, mental and emotional benefits that are virtually unparalleled by any other procedure except for its essential polar opposite: breast reduction. Women who are not naturally endowed have the means to enhance their breasts and appearance more to their liking, allowing them to look and feel more voluptuous and proportionate (or disproportionate if they so desire). This can lead to much greater self- confidence and self-esteem, improvements in their social, dating, and/or married life, and greater frequency and satisfaction in their sex life.

And, often being able to manipulate and influence others (especially guys) with their physical charms in order to have their way/get special treatment/obtain freebies, etc.

Women, you’re smiling but you know exactly what I’m talking about.

It is also nice to know that the resulting improvement in the physical appearance of one’s breasts after an enlargement can potentially be maintained for a long period of time. This is more likely to occur when the implants are small or moderate in size, when they are placed in a submuscular pocket, are silicone as compared to saline, the skin tone is relatively good and without extensive stretch marks and there aren’t large fluctuations in weight.

The following patient of mine exemplifies this. When she first saw me in consultation seeking a breast enlargement, her bra size was a 34AA. Completely flat with just nipples on her chest (photos A, C and E). Her goal was to be proportionate, somewhere around a “C” cup.

A) Before breast augmentation - frontal view

A) Before breast augmentation – frontal view

B) After breast augmentation - frontal view

B) 5 years after breast augmentation – frontal view

C) before surgery - side view

C) Before surgery – side view

D) after surgery - side view

D) 5 years after surgery – side view

E) Before breast augmentation - oblique view

E) Before breast augmentation – oblique view

F) After surgery - oblique view

F) 5 years after surgery – oblique view

She underwent a breast augmentation that involved the placement of 280cc high profile, smooth surfaced silicone breast implants (relatively small in size), placed in a submuscular pocket using an inframammary incision. The results shown in the pictures here are more than 5 years postoperatively (photos B, D and F). Her breasts have a very natural, firm and youthful shape and she now wears a 34C bra.

And, they don’t scream: “FAKE BOOBS!”

If you would like additional information on a breast augmentation or for any other plastic surgery procedure that I perform, or to schedule your complimentary consultation, please contact my office at 480-451-3000.

Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
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