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When it comes to women’s breasts, rarely if ever are they perfect symmetrical. There may be differences in size, shape, projection, location on the chest wall, skin tone, crease location, crease shape, areolar and nipple size, shape and location, etc. These differences can range anywhere along the spectrum from minor and non-issues to major, quite noticeable and problematic.

I find that unless there are substantial differences in size, shape or location, a majority of women seeking breast augmentation surgery have either not noticed or have just discounted the variations in anatomy between sides as being unimportant. Their desire is simply to look a lot better afterwards despite the normal asymmetries.

And that is exactly what breast augmentation surgery can do.

A breast augmentation will not make asymmetrical breasts identical.

It can make them look better, fuller, more attractive and maybe even closer in appearance.

The percentage differences in size become less and the breasts look more similar the greater they are enlarged.

It’s all in the math!

(Which is why this may be confusing!)

However, the proof is in the results so FORGET about the math!

When the difference in size is more than “minor”, different sized breast implants can be used in order to obtain more symmetry of volume. The following patient of mine demonstrates this approach (though the extent of the differences can’t be fully appreciated in two dimensional photos).

This patient, in her late 40’s, wore a 34B bra though her smaller right breast was an “A” cup (Photos A, C and E). She wanted to be larger and, if possible, have the same cup size for both breasts.

A) Significant breast size asymmetry pre-op

A) Significant breast size asymmetry pre-op

B) After surgery using different sized implants

B) After surgery using different sized implants

C) Before surgery - oblique view

C) Before surgery – oblique view

D) After surgery - oblique view

D) After surgery – oblique view

E) Before surgery - side view

E) Before surgery – side view

F) After surgery - side view

F) After surgery – side view

Her breast augmentation involved the insertion of different sized high profile smooth surfaced silicone breast implants into a submuscular pocket (behind the muscle) using an inframammary incision. A 200cc implant was used for the larger left side and a 230cc one for the smaller right side. The results three and a half months later can be seen in photos B, D and F.

She is very happy with her results which were better than she had expected and is wearing either a 34C or 34D bra depending on the brand. Both of her breasts fill out the cups equally well.

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