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There is great news for women as well as men: women’s breasts have been getting noticeably and naturally larger over the past 50 years. This is an unmistakable finding which is unrelated to weight and height issues and is completely independent of breast implants.

Many theories have been advanced to explain this burgeoning of breast volume but there is no one definitive answer. Some feel that it is related to the improved general nutrition in experienced by women during this period of time including increased intake of fruits, vegetables and most importantly, proteins. Others ascribe this change to estrogen and other substances in our foods and environment including hormones injected into poultry and livestock and even from the BPA in plastic bottles. Birth control pills do facilitate an enlargement of the breasts but only in those who are taking them – so this doesn’t explain the global changes that have developed.

During this same period of time that the average size of women’s breasts has significantly enlarged, women have also increased the desired size that they ultimately want their breasts to be.

What are the results of all of this?  More women than ever are desirous of a breast augmentation. Seemingly ironic, at the same time and as a result of other factors as well, more women than ever are undergoing breast reduction surgery. This may seem totally confusing and conflicting but it really does make sense. I have seen these trends in my practice over the last 23 years.

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