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A concern that some women have when contemplating breast augmentation surgery is whether or not they can expect to gain weight after surgery.

This is indeed an interesting question.


In order to answer it, we can look at this from two different perspectives:

Will my breast implants, used for my breast augmentation, directly cause me to gain weight?
Will my breast implants indirectly cause me to gain weight?

Breast Implants and Your Weight

In undergoing a breast augmentation, breast implants are most commonly used in order to achieve the enlargement. These implants are physical objects (though very nice ones!) and, consequently, have a mass and weight. The weight of the implants would depend on their size as well whether they are silicone or saline filled.

On the smaller end of sizes, a pair of Allergan 200 cc silicone breast implants weigh less than a pound – .88 pound. Virtually unnoticeable.

A pair of relatively average sized silicone implants – at 350 cc – weighs only 1.5 pounds. Not much.

At the other end of the spectrum, the largest regularly manufactured silicone breast implants at 800 cc (and very rarely used for a breast enlargement), weigh 3.5 pounds a pair. This is substantial.

Regardless, when your breasts look awesome afterwards, do you really care about the additional weight that is directly attributed to the implants?

Of course not!

Should You Expect a Weight Gain Post Breast Augmentation Not Related to Your Breast Implants?

If you have a breast augmentation, should you expect to gain weight sometime after surgery?

Well, the answer to this may be yes or it may be no.


Because it depends on you.

That is, there is no physiological reason directly related to the surgery that should have an impact on your weight. It doesn’t affect your metabolism or any other area that could ultimately impact your weight.

If your post-augmentation physique leads to a very active social life – being wined and dined, going out and/or partying more and not showing some caloric restraint – that is on you. Any associated weight gain is related to your behavior and activities or lack of compensatory increased physical activities.

Then again, it is just too easy for most people to gain unwanted weight without much effort, unfortunately.

On the other hand, if you strive to watch your weight and have a relatively healthy lifestyle, you can remain at the same weight for years. In fact, many of many of our breast augmentation patients have remained at their same weight twenty or more years after their surgery.

Of course, people generally seem to gain weight over time – implants or no implants.

That’s life nowadays.

Are You Considering a Breast Augmentation?

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