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It is no surprise that women who undergo a breast augmentation are generally quite ecstatic with their outcome. This is often evident in the way they act and dress, from their body language and even in their attitudes. As a matter of fact, around 94% of women who have had a breast enlargement would make the same decision if they had to do it all over again, which is an extraordinarily high number.

Why is the satisfaction rate so high?

What are the underlying positive effects from a breast augmentation that result in such a lofty level of satisfaction and can they be quantified?

A study published in the July 2012 issue of the Plastic and Reconstructive Journal can provide the answers to these questions. Its purpose was to better identify and understand the magnitude of changes in the health-related quality of life as a result of breast augmentation surgery. What made this study more scientifically sound, unique and useful as compared to others that have been conducted in the past, is that this one was done prospectively using a standardized comprehensive and precise evaluation that could be analyzed with advanced statistical methodology. (Translation: patients were evaluated both before as well after their breast augmentation surgery using multiple standard questions regarding many areas of their life. This approach allows the data that is collected to be far more accurate and valid.)

What were the findings?

The women reported that their satisfaction with their breasts, psychosocial well-being (self-esteem, etc.) and sexual well-being (quality and quantity) were substantially higher after their breast augmentation surgery as compared to before the procedure. All of these were quite significant statistically. Substantial improvements in satisfaction with their breasts were noted by 83%; 88% experienced a tremendous increase in self-esteem; 81% reported a great improvement in their sex life – quality and quantity.

Quite simply, breast augmentation surgery resulted in far more attractive breasts, markedly increased self-esteem and confidence and led to better and more frequent sex.

No wonder why virtually all the women who have had a breast augmentation were happy with their decision. It’s all quite rational!

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