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Over the last five years there has been a substantial increase in the number of men seeking Botox®.

There has to be a reason for this. After all, men are generally very rational when it comes to decisions like this.

Does Botox® improve one’s appearance enough to result in men having a better social or home life?

Or sex life?


Actually, there are a few common and very sensible reasons for this.

The first is that in a very competitive job market, older and older looking doesn’t translate into better opportunities for jobs. Looking more youthful and robust can give one an edge over the competition and Botox® can surely help by reducing the creases and wrinkles of the face.

Many men also have deep vertical or oblique lines or furrows in the frown area of the forehead (called the glabella – the area between the eyebrows) which often can falsely convey to others a sense of anger, unhappiness or frustration when, in fact, one is perfectly fine. This is further worsened by subconscious contraction of the underlying muscles causing these lines or creases to be even more severe and accentuated. The Botox® will allow one to have a more calm, pleasant and non-threatening appearance.

This is both great for work and at home!

Many men, whether in their forties, fifties or sixties, feel a lot younger than they look. They may be in great shape and healthy and, well, single and looking for a significant other. If they can look younger, better and more pleasant by using Botox® then that’s a great decision and one more important reason that it has become increasingly popular with men.

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