Breast Recon Draft

After undergoing a mastectomy due to breast cancer, many women feel deficient and unattractive and are self-conscious about their appearance. They may worry that people will see them differently after surgery, or that they will look and feel less feminine than before. Dr. Turkeltaub performs breast reconstruction surgery at his Arizona practice to help these women regain a sense of wholeness again, both mentally and physically.

Breast Reconstruction Options

The treatment of breast cancer is not only physically deforming but also stressful and even devastating, mentally and emotionally. The procedure exacts a high toll on a woman’s psyche and her femininity. Breast reconstruction, therefore, can serve not only to physically recreate a facsimile of the breast but also to lessen the emotional impact from the deforming treatment of the cancer. It must be understood that no matter what technique is employed, the ultimate result is a representation and not a perfect replica of the original breast. It will never look, feel or respond the same way.

There are many techniques and variations that can be employed for breast reconstruction. These can be categorized into three general groups as listed below.

Insertion of breast implants. This involves the insertion of a breast implant to reconstruct the breast. Results from silicone implants are generally far superior to those from saline implants.

Placement of tissue expanders. Tissue expanders are usually temporary implants which are inflated with saline over a period of time in order to stretch out the skin and promote new skin growth. Once the skin envelope has been stretched out appropriately, the permanent implants can then be inserted.

Flaps. This involves the transfer of tissue from other areas of the body such as the abdomen (TRAM flap), back, or buttocks in order to recreate a breast. Some of these flaps are designed to keep intact their main intrinsic blood supply. Others actually require microsurgical techniques in order to facilitate the transfer and maintain tissue viability. These types of procedures entail greater risks, including failure and the frequent need for revisions.

Breast reconstruction can be performed either immediately at the time of the mastectomy or at a later date and there are several pros and cons for each approach. Multiple issues should be reviewed when making this decision.

Another consideration is what to do with the other breast. In a majority of situations, the (anticipated) appearance of the reconstructed breast will be significantly different from the uninvolved side. The larger, broader and droopier the normal side is the greater this disparity will be. In order to obtain closer symmetry, the unaffected side may benefit from a breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction. Some women do not want anything done on this side which is a personal decision. For those who elect to proceed, it is important to know that insurance carriers are mandated to cover this procedure as well.

Nipple-areola complexes can also be reconstructed for some finishing touches. A variety of techniques exist which can yield a very realistic outcome. These can also be tattooed for greater refinement and realism.

Before Nipple Reconstruction

After Nipple Reconstruction

Dr. Turkeltaub will discuss all the available options in great detail with each patient in order to help them make the most educated decisions for their reconstruction.

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Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

Having breast cancer and then undergoing a partial or total removal of one’s breast is quite traumatic. Though a reconstructed breast can never truly replace one’s natural breast, it does serve to make a woman feel more “whole”, attractive, self-confident and feminine again. Dr. Turkeltaub can assist you in your quest for more normalcy through breast reconstruction.

Breast Reconstruction Before-and-After Photos

Dr. Turkeltaub is a very experienced plastic surgeon who has performed a large number of breast reconstructions in over 20 years of practice. The following are examples of his results.

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Dr. Turkeltaub offers caring advice and high-quality reconstructive surgery to women who are interested in breast reconstruction surgery. Contact our practice today to schedule a convenient initial consultation.

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